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Struggling to lose weight? Find it difficult to gain muscle? Feel like most modern diets and programs aren’t made for you?

They might not be.

Each of us has our own body type. Identifying yours can help you understand why losing weight, gaining muscle, or staying fit is difficult.

Take the Body Type Quiz and get the information you need to experience:

  • Less frustration in your health goals.
  • Improved weight loss results.
  • More love and appreciation for your unique body type.

Learn your body type and start tailoring your diet and nutrition plan to embrace your body, feel confident, and get results.

Find out your unique body type in less than 2 minutes with our Body Type Quiz.

What is a Body Type?

Each of us is born with a certain body type or “somatotype.”

Body types are genetic. They’re primarily based on our bone structure and body composition. Certain body types also tend to have different metabolisms.

Body types can affect how easily we lose weight, gain body fat, and build muscle mass.

The History of Body Types

Body types were first introduced in the 1940s by American Psychologist and Physician William H. Sheldon, Ph.D., MD.

Since then, doctors and nutritionists alike have used body type quizzes to help us create health and nutrition plans that are effective and aligned with our unique bodily needs and patterns.

What are the 3 Basic Body Types?

There are three basic body types:

  • Endomorph body type
  • Mesomorph body type
  • Ectomorph body type

Take the Body Type Quiz to find out which type you have. Once you get your results, you’ll be given a free in-depth guide on everything you need to know about your unique body type.

Why Should You Know Your Body Type?


There are several benefits of taking a Body Type Quiz, including:

Less Frustration in Your Health & Wellness Goals

If you’ve tried countless diets and exercise programs, but none of them have ever worked… you might be following tips for the wrong body type.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in wellness. We all have unique bone structures, metabolisms, and places we carry weight.

Catering your diet and fitness plan to your individual body type is like finally finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

Improved Weight Loss Results

The better you understand your body, the better you can give it what it needs.

Several studies show knowing your body type can help improve your health.

By tailoring your health and wellness goals to your body type, you can overcome weight loss barriers and target your goals.

Better Love, Understand, and Appreciate Your Body

It’s frustrating going through the same old weight gain and weight loss cycles.

It can make us resent our bodies. But our bodies give us strength. They allow us to move, experience, and enjoy life. Understanding how your body works can help you appreciate, love, and care for it.

Embrace Your Unique Body Type & Boost Your Confidence

It’s not about resisting your body type — it’s about embracing it. There’s no “good” or “bad” body type.

After taking the Body Type Quiz, you’ll learn that every type has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s in understanding these that you can accentuate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Does Your Body Type Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight or Gain Muscle Mass?



Your body type affects how easy or difficult it is to lose weight and gain weight, whether body fat or muscle.

This is highly due to each type’s unique metabolism. Each body type is prone to a faster, moderate, or slower metabolic rate.

Understanding your body type’s metabolism can help you adjust your diet and fitness plan to get better results.

What Can Your Body Type Tell You?

Your body type isn’t a diagnosis. It’s a resource!

It sheds light on the questions you’ve always had about why it’s hard to lose or gain weight, why you can or can’t gain muscle easily, or why you carry your weight the way you do.

Even more, it can help you predict and prevent health issues:

Understand Body Fat and Muscle Mass Patterns

Each body type is highly characterized by how much body fat and muscle mass you have and where you carry it.

Those with certain body types may find it difficult to gain muscle, while others struggle to lose excess body fat. Knowing your body type can help you recognize these patterns and find success in your health goals.

Identify Common Health Risks

Certain body types are more susceptible to diseases and health risks. Knowing your body type can help mitigate these risks, helping you stay healthy, strong, and confident.

Find the Sports & Exercises You’re Best At

A Body Type Quiz can tell you where you carry most of your muscle and which sports or exercises you’d be best at.

For example, certain body types are often better at endurance sports and cardio, while others are best at strength training.

From here, you can also identify which exercises can help balance your body composition, overcome weaknesses, and enhance your strengths.How to Identify Your Body Type

Body type is based on bone structure, body composition, and metabolism.

In this Free Body Type Quiz, we’ll ask simple yet strategic questions to help you narrow down your type.

After answering these questions, you’ll be given your results. This will include a comprehensive guide on what to know about your body type and how to embrace it.

What’s the Difference Between Body Type & Body Shape?

Body type is the natural frame and build you’re born with.

It’s primarily based on genetics and doesn’t change with weight gain. It factors in your body’s bone structure, metabolism, and body composition. Both men and women can have one of the three:

Endomorph body type, mesomorph body type, and ectomorph body type.

Body shape is how your weight distributes throughout your body.

It factors in your figure, weight, and body fat distribution. Unlike body types, body shapes can change with age, diet, and lifestyle choices. Men and women often vary in the types of body shapes they have.

For this quiz, we focus on body types, as they give us insight into our body shapes, metabolisms, and weight loss and weight gain patterns.

You Know Your Body Type… Now What?


Cater your nutrition and fitness plan to complement your body type — not contradict it.

After you take the Body Type Quiz, you’ll be directed to a free guide with helpful information about your type, including its characteristics, strengths & challenges, healthy lifestyle changes, and common misconceptions.

From here, you can:

Create an Effective Diet and Nutrition Plan

Each body type has unique nutrition needs. Understanding your metabolism and body type can help you make small yet powerful changes to your diet to get better results.

Customize Your Fitness Plan

Accentuate your body type’s strengths, find balance, and discover a renewed motivation to move your body by exercising for your body type.

Keep Learning!

It’s the consistent, everyday lifestyle changes that make all the difference. The more you know, the better you can take care of — and love — your body.

Am I Endomorph or Mesomorph or Ectomorph?

Want to know your body type? Ready to create health and fitness goals that embrace and empower your type?

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